James "Tim" Brymn

JamesTim Brymn was born in Kinston, North Carolina on October 5, 1881. He was a musical conductor, arranger and composer who was educated at Christian Institute and Shaw University before attending the National Conservatory of Music. He came to New York around the turn of the century and soon began composing. In 1905 he wrote five songs that were probably used in the Smart Set shows. JamesThey included Morning Noon and Night, O-San, Powhatana, Travel On, and Darktown Grenadiers. He later served as a musical director for the Clef Club and also led orchestras at Ziegfeld's Roof Garden and Reisenweber's Jardin de Dance.

In the late teens, Tim Brymn's 70 piece orchestra, The Black Devils, was advertised as The Overseas Jazz Sensation. During WWI, they were the musical unit for the 350th Artillery, AEF. Brymn joined ASCAP in 1933. He died in New York City on October 3, 1946.

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