Fats Waller and his Rhythm
The Last Years (1940-1943) RCA

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One of the great thrills (and motivations) for studying old jazz is that we occasionally have a chance to listen to music by an influential artist that we haven't heard before. When it comes to jazz, Fats Waller is such an artist. The RCA record company has recently given all of Fat's Waller's fans a thrill by reissuing a 3 CD set of his songs. This wonderful new collection contains 63 recordings, some available for the first time in the U.S.A. Most of the others have not been heard for many years

Fats made over five hundred recordings during his lifetime. Much of his music that has been previously rereleased is from the beginning and middle of his career. With the reissue of "Fats Waller: The Last Years," the end of his career gets the grand finale it deserves.

There are songs on the CD for all sorts of music lovers. Novelty fans will love songs like (You're A) Square From Delaware, Abercrombie Had A Zombie, Liver Lip Jones and Sad Sap Sucker Am I.Strict music fans will get to hear a half dozen marvelous instrumentals. Standards are not neglected; five are included. A personal favorite is a duet between Waller and The Deep River Boys on By The Light Of The Silvery Moon.Also included are Fats's version of Dry Bones and a follow up to You're Feets To Bigcalled Your Socks Don't Match. The CD has essentially everything necessary to put a smile on your face

Fats Waller's orchestra featured Fats playing piano, celeste and organ (Waller was famous for his work on that instrument associated primarily with the church). The rest of the band was tight, without any other prima donnas, thus providing perfect accompaniment for the "Harmful Little Armful's" (one of Waller's nicknames) antics. Al Casey's guitar work is not to be missed and there are a whole handfull of wonderful reed men as well as jazz legends Zutty Singleton, Benny Carter, and Slam Stewart who appear on a few cuts. The CDs can be acquired by clicking here.

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