Don Redman and his Orchestra
1931-1939 (Classics)

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Moten CD If you're the kind of jazz fan who loves the Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson and Bennie Moten Orchestra from the 20's and 30's, you'll love Classic Records CDs of Don Redman's Orchestra.

The folks at Classic Records have released three CDs which take a look at Redman and his orchestra's accomplishments during the Thirties. Each CD has 24 or 25 cuts arranged in chronological order, thus letting one easily listen to the music in its natural progression.

Redman's orchestra is great music with a good number of novelty numbers like Puddin' Head Jones, Watching The Knife and Fork Spoon, and Got The Jitters. Much of the band's material was unique, though some well known songwriters are represented. Tunes by Hoagy Carmichael, Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler, George Gershwin and Jimmy McHugh are all performed to perfection.

The principal vocalists for Redman's orchestra at this time were Harlan Lattimore and Chick Bullock who sometimes sound a bit reminscent of Bing Crosby, which isn't surpising considering that crooner's popularity. Redman also sings a few numbers in his own singular half talking half singing style.

Some of the band's better known musicians were trumpeters Bill Coleman and Henry Allen,and clarinet and alto saxophone star Rupert Cole.The CDs can be acquired by clicking here. You can pick any one of three CDs or all of them and you won't go wrong.


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