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Jan. 9, 2008 - Henry Allen - Cab Calloway - Blue Lu Barker - Danny Barker


1936-Henry Allen-Midnight Blues-Classics-1936-37
1936-Henry Allen-Lost In My Dreams-Classics-1936-37
1936-Henry Allen-Sitting on the Moon-Classics-1936-37
1936-Henry Allen-Watcha Gonna Do When There Is No Swing-Classics-1936-37
1936-Henry Allen-In The Chapel In The Moonlight-Classics-1936-37
1936-Henry Allen-Do You Mean It-Classics-1936-37
1936-Henry Allen-Here's Love in Your Eye-Classics-1936-37
1936-Henry Allen-When My Dreamboat Comes Home-Classics-1936-37
1940-Cab Calloway-Paradiddle-Classics-1940
1940-Cab Calloway-Boog It-Classics-1940
1940-Cab Calloway-Calling All Bars-Classics-1940
1940-Cab Calloway-Feelin Tip Top-Classics-1940
1940-Cab Calloway-Rhapsody in Rhumba-Classics-1940
1940-Cab Calloway-Papa's In Bed With His Britches On-Classics-1940
1940-Cab Calloway-Boo Wah Boo Wah-Classics-1940
1946-Blue Lu Barker-You Gotta Show It To Me Baby-Classics-1946-49
1946-Blue Lu Barker-Don't You Feel my Leg-Classics-1946-49
1946-Blue Lu Barker-There Was A Little Mouse-Classics-1946-49
1946-Blue Lu Barker-That Made Him Mad-Classics-1946-49
1946-Blue Lu Barker-Lyin In Jail-Classics-1946-49
1946-Blue Lu Barker-Where's Joe-Classics-1946-49
1946-Blue Lu Barker-I Feel Like Laying in Another Woman's Husbands Arms-Classics-1946-49
1946-Blue Lu Barker-Buy Me Some Juice-Classics-1946-49
1960-Danny Barker-Love Oh Careless love-Bethlehem-Leroy  Parkins & Yazoo River Jazz band
1960-Danny Barker-Baddest Man in Texas-Bethlehem-Leroy  Parkins & Yazoo River Jazz band
1960-Danny Barker-Ham and Eggs-Bethlehem-Leroy  Parkins & Yazoo River Jazz band
1960-Danny Barker-Little Liza Jane-Bethlehem-Leroy  Parkins & Yazoo River Jazz band
1988-Danny Barker-Save The Bones-Orleans-Save the Bones
1988-Danny Barker-St James Infirmary-Orleans-Save the Bones

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